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Marsden Road Uniting Newssheet 24 May 2020

Marsden Road Uniting Church203 Marsden Road Carlingford

Sunday 24th May 2020

Greetings to you out there in your homes. As we worship in our homes in the homelands of the Wallumedegal people. We acknowledge their Elders, past and present.
We hope that you will experience the presence of God in and through the Service, privately or as a Family joining with the people of God who continue to gather in Spirit although not physically.

Acts 1:1-11 Ps 47 or Psalm 93 Ephesians 1:15-23 Luke 24:44-53

God of majesty, you led the Messiah through suffering into risen life, and took him into the glory of heaven: clothe us with the power promised from on high, and send us forth to the ends of the earth as heralds of repentance and witnesses of Jesus Christ, the firstborn from the dead, who lives with you now and always in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.

Worship which is found On-line and Delivered by Hand to people. How you can access these services, Newssheet and Rev John’ weekly Blog:

  1. Through Zoom on the Internet on Sunday at 9.30am
  2. On Marsden Road Uniting Website:
  1. On Marsden Road Facebook Page:
  1. Receiving as a PDF Attachment by Email.
  2. Receiving as printed Documents in Mailbox.

  • Please consider offering via EFT – Direct Credit can be done anonymously and scheduled to occur automatically at whatever frequency you choose - weekly, monthly etc. See details of Church Bank Account below.
  • By stewardship envelopes - set aside the money in them & bring to Church at the next service at MRUC
  • A/C Name: Marsden Road Uniting Church
BSB: 634 634              A/C: 100049856

Q: At what time of day was Adam created?
A: A little before Eve.
Q: Why didn't they play cards on the Ark?
A: Because Noah was standing on the deck

Q. Why didn't Noah go fishing?
A. He only had two worms.

Q. Did Eve ever have a date with Adam?
A. No, just an apple.

Q: Who was the greatest female financier in the Bible?
A: Pharaoh's daughter. She went down to the bank of the Nile and drew out a little prophet.
Our next Marsden Missive is due out for 01 June 2020. If you have any news or information to go in the Missive, then please contact Rev. John. The Missive gives us news and information for the coming three months.

Notes from Synod on Church Use
Churches should not yet be holding any services of worship in the buildings where Sunday worship regularly occurs. This is in accord with the latest Information Update provided strongly recommending no gatherings in person on church property.
Online worship services and the distribution (by email or Australia Post) of worship resources should continue for the foreseeable future.


Minister of the Word
Rev John Candy 0411 267 639 or 98681658.
Church Council Chairperson:         Ruth Henderson 9875 2194
Church Council Secretary:             Susan Halgren 9858 1409
Elders’ Chairperson:                        Alan Craymer 9874 0531
Elders’ Secretary:                            Elaine Forrest 9874 7231
Congregation Meeting Chair:         Warwick Roden 9874 7584
Property bookings/enquiries:         Warwick Roden 9874 7584
Rev Johns’ Weekly Blog: 
Weekly Blog on the Sunday Service:

Please send messages & items to share to Rev John by Tuesday night. Phone: 9868 1658 or email: 

Did you notice the dip in the temperature during the week? Your help is very welcome in building stocks of canned, warming foods which will help those less fortunate than ourselves. Also remember that many lonely people depend on their four-footed or bird friends for company and those need feeding too.

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