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Marsden Road Uniting Newsletter - November 2021

Marsden Road Uniting Church

203 Marsden Road Carlingford

November 2021

Our mission: Reflecting Christ Alive in the Community

Welcome! We gather to worship together at 9.30am every Sunday on the

homelands of the Wallumedegal clan of the Darug people. 

We acknowledge their Elders, past and present.

We hope that you will experience the presence of God in this place and among the people of God here. 


Psalms: 127; 16; 93; 25: 1 - 10. 1 Kings 17:816; 1 Samuel 2:110; Daniel 7:910,1314; Jeremiah 33:1416Mark 12: 38-44; Mark 13: 1-8; John 18:3337; Luke 21:2536


God of power and mercy, protect us from all harm. Give us freedom of spirit and health in mind and body to do your work on earth. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen


7th November 9.30am: Rev John Candy will lead our service 

14th November 9.30am: Rev John Candy will lead our service

21st November 9.30am: Lyn Graham will lead our service 

28th November 9.30am: Warwick Roden will lead our service


** Zoom links for Rev John and other leaders are different **


will be held on 9th November at 7.30pm. It will be a Zoom meeting, with Zoom address, as usual: 4820112178


Delta Era Zoom Style. Let’s collect five candles for lighting in our own homes during Advent Sunday Services from 28th November up to Christmas Day.


Advent commences on Sunday 28th November and will currently be a Zoom service.

We plan to return to face to face worship in the church on Sunday 5th December with 1.5 metre distancing, plus singing and morning tea allowed. Masks will be optional. We will be able to make a joyful noise once again !


We have made monthly projects of the following groups:

August: “Covid Caring” - to Foodbank

September & October: “Covid Caring” to Christian Community Aid

November: Christmas Child and Parramatta Mission

December: Christmas Bowl

Christmas boxes to fill for Christmas Child are available from Elaine  during November or donate on line through Samaritan’s Purse on:



will be held on Friday 3rd December commencing at 11.30am in Terry’s Creek Park. Bring your food and drink, and some to share.


will be on Thursday 9th December at 11.30am in the home of Lyn and Malcolm Colless, 26 Pauline Avenue, Killcare. This will be a barbecue, so Lyn will buy the meat and we will cover the cost. Please let Elaine know if you wish to attend, and what you would like to bring. Also, please bring a wrapped present to the value of $15 for the Present Game.


Dear All at Marsden Road,

Well the departure of Wendy and I has drawn very close, as we continue to prepare for our time of moving into Retirement. The arrangements are for us to have our last Sunday with you on the 21st of November 2021 and then go on leave. Our leave task will be to move back to our home in Adelaide. We fly out  to Adelaide on the 6th of December 2021 to start the process of moving into a retirement life. We have no plans to return to Sydney in the near future. Wendy hopes to get casual/part-time work in Adelaide for next year.

 Sadly due to Covid regulations we have had difficulty in planning a Closure of     Ministry Service. The difficulty is finding an appropriate venue, as Marsden Road is  only able to have  20 people attend at present. The service is proposed for 2pm  Saturday 20th of November 2021. Please watch your Emails for    confirmation of day and date    and whether we will have it by Zoom or which    venue at a nearby Church we will use.

I am hoping to contact as many people as possible to say goodbye before then. However, the Covid situation may ensure circumstances may make that difficult also. If I am unable to directly make contact I will apologise now if that happens and say farewell to you all and thank you all for the privilege of being your Minister over the last five and half years. Wendy and I have valued our time with you, and the friendships that have been formed. We have valued the way in which you have invited us into your homes and lives. For this we give you thanks. Farewell and blessings to all in your future faith journey.

Wendy and John


REV JOHN: Meeting ID: 939 5582 8254. Passcode: 972207

                        OTHER LEADERS or Meetings: 4820112178 

Dates for your Diary

Friday 3rd December: Christmas Lunch 11.30 in the park

9th December: Nurture Group Christmas Lunch @ Killcare

24th December: Christmas Eve Carol Service 7pm in the church 

25th December: Christmas Day Family Service 8.30am in church

Sunday 9th February 2025: Triumphant 200 

We will celebrate the 200th Anniversary of our Congregation


Minister of the Word

Rev John Candy 0411 267 639  or

Church Council Chairperson: Warwick Roden 9874 7584 Church Council 

Bank details: A/C name: Marsden Road Uniting Church BSB: 634 634; A/C Number: 100049856



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Marsden Road Uniting Newsletter - November 2021

Marsden Road Uniting Church 203 Marsden Road Carlingford November 2021 Our mission : Reflecting Christ Alive in the Community ...