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Marsden Road Uniting Newsletter - May 2021

Marsden Road Uniting Church

203 Marsden Road Carlingford

Monthly Newssheet May 2021

Our mission: 

Reflecting Christ Alive in the Community

Welcome! We gather to worship together at 9.30am every Sunday on the homelands of the Wallumedegal people. We acknowledge their Elders, past and present.

We hope that you will experience the presence of God in this place and among the people of God here. 


Psalms: 22: 25-31; 98; 1; 104: 24-34, 35b; 29.

N.T. Acts: 8: 26-40; 10: 44-48; 1: 15-17, 21-26; 2: 1-21.

Gospel of John 15: 1-8; 15: 9-17; 17: 6-19; 16: 4b-15; 3: 1-17.

Romans 8:12-17. 


Lord Jesus, walk with us in our day-to-day routine, we pray, so that our lives reflect your presence and your values, and those with whom we mix can see that we have been with you. Shine though us, we pray. Amen 


2nd May 9.30am: Rev John Candy will lead our service.

9th May 9.30am: Rev John Candy will lead our service.

16th May 9.30am: Dermot Armstrong will lead our service.

 23rd May 9.30am: Rev John Candy will lead our service.

30th May 9.30am: Alan Harper will lead our service. 


If you need transport to church, please ring Elaine on 98747231. 


There will be a committee meeting on Thursday 13th May at 2pm at the Forrest’s’, when we will discuss a program of activities for the remainder of the year. Come with your ideas. 


Our next meeting will be on Thursday 13th May at 11.30am at the Forrest’s’. Val Burgoyne will tell us her life story. Bring a plate to share for lunch. Everyone is welcome.

On Thursday 27th May Helen and Graham Edgerton will come to Nurture Group at the Forrest’s’ and show their pictures and tell of their trip to Arnhem Land. We will start with lunch at 11.30am. Please bring a plate to share. As always, everyone is welcome. 


Church Council will meet on Tuesday 11th May at 7.30pm in the Gillard Room at the Church. An agenda will be circulated a week before the meeting. 

POP UP PICNIC - Let’s do it again!

To enjoy Autumn in our area and to celebrate belonging to a Christian Church community, we will be holding another picnic.

·        It will all happen on Friday 14th May at 12.30pm and finish at 2pm or whenever!

·        We will gather in Mobbs Lane Park at the bottom of the hill in Mobbs Lane, on the left-hand

·        side coming from Marsden Road. Bring a folding chair, a sunhat, your own lunch, something to drink such as a thermos of tea or coffee or a cold drink.

·        Invite anyone associated with our church - or any friends you would like to bring along.

·        If you require transport, please contact Elaine or Grahame Forrest on 9874 7231.

Relax, catch up and enjoy the time together.




One thousand men are walking,  walking side by side

singing songs from home the spirit as their guide

they walk toward the light milord they walk towards the sun

they smoke and laugh and smile together no foes to outrun

these men live on forever

in the hearts of those they saved a nation truly grateful

for the path of peace they paved they march as friends and comrades but they do not march for war

step closer to salvation a tranquil steady corps

the meadows lit with golden beams a beacon for the brave

the emerald grass untrampled a reward for what they gave

they dream of those they left behind and know they dream of them forever in those poppy fields

there walks one thousand men

Lest we forget


Written and illustrated by a 14-year-old boy in 2019.

Joshua Dyer (aged 14) was tasked at school to write a poem for Remembrance Day.

An hour later (without any help) he produced this. 

2021 Dates for your Diary

Thursday 13th May Nurture Group at Forrest’s’ at 11.30am Thursday 27th May Nurture Group at Forrest’s’ at 11.30am





Thursday, 1 April 2021

Marsden Road Uniting Newsletter - April 2021

 Marsden Road Uniting Church

203 Marsden Road Carlingford

Monthly Newssheet April 2021

Our mission: to reflect Christ alive in the Community.

 Greetings to you out there in your homes. As we worship in our homes in the homelands of the Wallumedegal people. We acknowledge their Elders, past and present.

We hope that you will experience the presence of God in and through the Service, privately or as a Family joining with the people of God who continue to gather in Spirit although not physically.


The Gospel of Mark, chapters 14, 15 and 16


Lord Jesus, you carried our sins in your own body on the tree,

so that we might have abundant life.

May we, and all who remember this day

find new life in you, now and in the world to come,

where you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen



1st April 6.00pm: Tenebrae Service with Rev John Candy

2nd April 9.30am: Good Friday Service with Rev John Candy

4th April 9.30am: Easter Morning Service with Rev John Candy

11th April 9.30am: Rev John Candy will lead our service.

18th April: 9.30am: Rev John Candy will lead our service.

25th April 9.30am: Lynette Graham will lead our service. 


If anyone needs transport to church on Good Friday please ring Elaine on 9874 7231 


As a trial, Nurture Group is planning to meet for lunch instead of meeting in the evening. We will meet at 11.30 - 2.00. Bring a small plate to share. If you would like to come to a particular meeting that interests you, or to all our meetings, everyone is welcome. 

Our next meeting will be on Thursday 8th April at the Forrest’s' when Rev. John Candy will talk about his visit to Tasmania.

On Thursday 22nd April we will go to the cafe " La Provence " which is attached to the Nursery in West Parade, Eastwood, near the station. We will meet at midday. Please let Elaine know by Tuesday 20th April if you are coming. 

EASTER SERVICES For Easter tide this year, 2021.

Tenebrae Service on Maundy Thursday Evening 1st April at 6pm Good Friday 2nd April 9.30am

Easter Sunday 4th April 9.30am - A Communion Service 


On Thursday 1st April at 6pm we will meet in the hall for a simple meal of fish and chips, followed by a Service by candlelight at 6.45pm. Cost for meal is $12 00. Please let Elaine (9874 7231) know if you are coming for the meal. 


We regretfully bade farewell to Dr Narges Miri during and after the morning service on 14th March. She has accepted an offer of a research and clinical appointment to a university hospital in the USA. She flies out on Wednesday 31st March. We wish her and Juan, God's richest blessings. We hope that her husband Reza's visa to accompany her, arrives very soon. Our prayers go with them.




·         Please consider offering via EFT – Direct Credit See details of Church Bank Account below.

·         By stewardship envelopes - set aside the money in them & bring to Church at the next service at MRUC

·         A/C Name: Marsden Road Uniting Church

BSB: 634 634          A/C: 100049856


Marsden Road Prayer Cycle

 The April Prayer Cycle has been sent to those for whom we have Email addresses. If you deliver services to those without Internet/Computer, please print these in Landscape and print on both sides flipping on short edge. It folds in three as a pamphlet. 

Parramatta Mission

Parramatta Mission are at the forefront of supporting individuals, families and communities who are disadvantaged, vulnerable & doing it tough. During this difficult time of Covid-19 the Mission continues to assist those in need. Details, 


 Minister of the Word

Rev John Candy 0411 267 639 or 98681658 or 

Church Council Chairperson:        Warwick Roden 9874 7584

Church Council Secretary:             Susan Halgren 9858 1409

Congregation Meeting Chair:         Ian Henderson 9875 2194

Property bookings/enquiries:         Warwick Roden 9874 7584




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