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Marsden Road Uniting Newssheet 26 April 2020


       Marsden Road Uniting Church
        203 Marsden Road Carlingford

Sunday 26th April 2020

Our mission: to reflect Christ alive in the Community
Greetings to you out there in your homes. As we worship in our homes in the homelands of the Wallumedegal people. We acknowledge their Elders, past and present.
We hope that you will experience the presence of God in and through the Service, privately or as a Family joining with the people of God who continue to gather in Spirit although not physically.

Acts 2:14a, 36-41; Psalm 116:1-4,12-19;1 Peter 1:17-23; Luke 24:13-35
O God, your Son made himself known to his disciples in the breaking of bread: open the eyes of our faith, that we may see him in his redeeming work; who is alive and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
Worship which is found On-line and Delivered by Hand to people. How you can access these services, Newssheet and Rev John’ weekly Blog:

  1. Through Zoom on the Internet on Sunday at 9.30am
  2. On Marsden Road Uniting Website:
  1. On Marsden Road Facebook Page:
  1. Receiving as a PDF Attachment by Email.
  2. Receiving as printed Documents in Mailbox.

  • Please consider offering via EFT – Direct Credit can be done anonymously and scheduled to occur automatically at whatever frequency you choose - weekly, monthly etc. See details of Church Bank Account below.
  • By stewardship envelopes - set aside the money in them & bring to Church at the next service at MRUC
  • A/C Name: Marsden Road Uniting Church
BSB: 634 634              A/C: 100049856

What types of jokes are allowed during quarantine? Inside jokes!

Lent Event 2020.
The total from our congregation was $895. A big thank you to all who contributed from our congregation.

 CCA is seeking more people who aren’t on the Government self-isolation list to assist ion delivering meals on wheel. Any volunteer must be under 70 and have no health issues. Phone 9858 3222. CCA Eastwood are still seeking foodstuffs for their clients as the need is continuing to grow. Please ring your Elder for assistance in getting it to CCA or direct.

Facing Fears about Health

To gain a wise perspective, we have to face our fears. Fears can be healthy or exaggerated—and sometimes paralysing. It takes wisdom to admit that there are dangers around us that need to be properly, and fearfully, respected, and it takes wisdom to see through the exaggerations and fearmongering of those who use the pains of others for their benefit.
We must seek wisdom and make the very best decisions we can as we all endeavour to act generously and selflessly, in ways consistent with all that we believe as followers of Christ, on behalf of others.
All of us know there are basic health practices we must seriously follow, not only for ourselves but on behalf of others. People who are not in high-risk groups should not only set a good example for others but be willing to share the burdens that others feel. Apparently healthy people, those with no symptoms and no awareness of having the disease, can nonetheless carry it to others. We owe it to one another to pay attention to each other, to advise one another, to check on one another, and serve one another. It’s what we believe and confess as Christians, and these days test us to live out our faith.
One of our great privileges every day is praying for each other and all the world.

Minister of the Word
Rev John Candy 0411 267 639 or 98681658.
Church Council Chairperson:         Ruth Henderson 9875 2194
Church Council Secretary:             Susan Halgren 9858 1409
Elders’ Chairperson:                        Alan Craymer 9874 0531
Elders’ Secretary:                            Elaine Forrest 9874 7231
Congregation Meeting Chair:         Warwick Roden 9874 7584
Property bookings/enquiries:         Warwick Roden 9874 7584
Rev Johns’ Weekly Blog:
Weekly Blog on the Sunday Service:

Please send messages & items to share to Rev John by Tuesday night. Phone: 9868 1658 or email:

“Many of us spend most of our time indoors, in temperatures we can control artificially, obtaining our food neatly packaged from supermarket shelves and our water at the turn of a tap. We don’t experience our daily dependence on the well-being of the earth. The fruiting of berries and grains in due season, the springing up of water in wells and streams.” Sarah Bachelard in Eremos April, 2020 We do have, at the back of our minds, a vague sense of being connected to the earth and all its passengers, but it is at a distance and so our felt need to protect the planet is not so urgent.

Minister Working from Home

 The first day

After a week or two

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