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Marsden Road Uniting Newssheet 05 April 2020

Marsden Road Uniting Church
203 Marsden Road Carlingford

Sunday 05th April 2020

Sunday 29th March 2020

Our mission: to reflect Christ alive in the Community
Greetings to you out there in your homes. These Sundays we worship together in our homes in the homelands of the Wallumedegal people. We acknowledge their Elders, past and present. We hope that you will experience the presence of God in and through the Service sent out, privately or as a Family joining with the people of God who continue to gather in Spirit although not physically.

Isaiah 50:4-9a, Psalm 118:1-2,19-29 Philippians 2:5-11, Matthew 21:1-11

Everlasting God, in your tender love for the human race you sent your Son to take our nature,
and to suffer death upon the cross: in your mercy enable us to share in his obedience to your will
and in the glorious victory of his resurrection; through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.
From TEAR Lenten Reflections:

Reflection: Set Free Romans 8:19-21 By Jo Herbert-James

Creation is waiting. And this passage tells us what it is waiting for: for the children of God to be revealed (v19). This suggests that I – that each of us, as God’s people – are to be participants in the liberation of all of creation. Throughout scripture, God holds out this glorious promise of freedom for people. But the freedom of God didn’t just come for us, as the children of God – creation gets a part of it too. God’s children are revealed as they step into their inheritance of freedom, and then bring others, and creation, into that freedom and glory.

Freedom for creation looks like rivers that run clean, instead of being clogged with rubbish, or poisoned by chemicals. Freedom looks like seas that are a place of life, not hostile because of rising acid levels. Freedom looks like bird populations thriving, not being washed up full of plastic.

The world is hungry for us to step up in our calling to be people of hope. Let’s take a step today: to awaken to our own freedom and share it with creation.

Activity for Palm Sunday
Pin Jesus On the Donkey all age
You will need: blindfold, cut out of donkey mounted on the Wall, a cut out of Jesus, and blutack.
You are playing the traditional pin the tail on the donkey but this time trying to get Jesus seated on the back of the donkey.

Take care of your family. Take care of your neighbours and your church family. Check in with older friends and acquaintances and those who may be more “at risk”. Share what you have with those who have needs (yes, even your toilet tissue).

We are not called to be “rash” but to be “radical” in our love for and service to others, as Christ showed us when Jesus, became human and accepted that his journey would end his life to give us eternal life.

We have no idea how long this “new normal” will last. I think it will be longer than most people would guess, and I hope I’m wrong. But one thing I know, God is still there and still with us. God is still in control and calls on us the church, to be the light that this every darkening world needs!

Christian Community Aid (CCA) provides a diverse range of support services to people living, working and studying in the Ryde, Parramatta and Hornsby Local Government Areas.
During this time of the Covid-19 and increasing workload CCA is seeking more people who aren’t on the Government self-isolation list to assist ion delivering meals on wheel. Any volunteer must be under 70 and have no health issues
considered to be co-morbidities by the Government regulations. Phone 9858 3222.
CCA Eastwood are still seeking foodstuffs for their clients as the need is continuing to grow. Please ring your Elder for assistance in getting it to CCA or direct. A thankyou to the person who took the food at the Church down to CCA recently.

Today is Palm Sunday, the day when Jesus entered Jerusalem in triumph, riding on the back of a donkey. Palm branches are a symbol of peace and victory, and they were laid down in Jesus’ path as he rode into Jerusalem – leading to the name Palm Sunday.

Many each year celebrate by attending Palm Sunday parades, or going to Service, where they are given small crosses made of palms to take home with them. These are burnt later on to create the ashes put on peoples’ heads on Ash Wednesday the following year. This year however, we might; like to find a palm or branch in our own home and wave it in remembrance.

Parramatta Mission Update amid COVID-19
As a church that provides hospitality, community and clinical services, Parramatta Mission are at the forefront of supporting individuals, families and communities who are disadvantaged, vulnerable and doing it tough.
During this difficult time of COVID-19 Parramatta Mission continues to assist those in need.
On the frontline, Meals Plus is operating as an essential service. In fact, our work here has never been more vital as more people in the community face increased hardship. We are committed to keeping our doors open by providing takeaway meals, food parcels and welfare to those who are homeless or facing hardship during the current crisis. With so many people losing their income we fear the numbers will continue to increase.
Many of our other services are continuing to remain open so that we can support our clients. Where possible we have switched to video and telephone consultation to ensure we can be accessed in keeping with the physical distancing recommendations and by those who may be isolating. Your prayers for our services and the staff who are on the frontline facing the impact of Covid-19 would be greatly appreciated.
If you would like to contribute to our work at this time please visit 
Parramatta Mission is petitioning at this time for the change in language from “Social distancing” to “Physical Distancing”. We must maintain physical distancing wherever possible – this is crucial, but maintaining social connection is so important as we self-isolate, to be able to support ourselves and others in our community.
Minister of the Word
Rev John Candy 0411 267 639 or 98681658.

Church Council Chairperson:         Ruth Henderson 9875 2194
Church Council Secretary:             Susan Halgren 9858 1409
Elders’ Chairperson:                        Alan Craymer 9874 0531
Elders’ Secretary:                            Elaine Forrest 9874 7231
Congregation Meeting Chair:         Warwick Roden 9874 7584
Property bookings/enquiries:         Warwick Roden 9874 7584

Rev Johns’ Weekly Blog:
Weekly Blog on the Sunday Service:

Please send messages & items to share to Rev John by Tuesday night. Phone: 9868 1658 or email:
Minister Working from Home

Worship which is found On-line and Delivered by Hand to people. How you can access these services, Newssheet and Rev John’ weekly Blog:

A.   On Marsden Road Uniting Website:
2.   Left-hand side of Home Page has List of Blogs
3.   Click on Order of Service for …. or Marsden Road Newssheet or Blog.

B.   On Rev John’s Service Blogsite, Marsden Road Newssheet or Weekly Blog:

C.   On Marsden Road Facebook Page:
2.   Service, Newssheet and Blog are all available on Marsden Road Uniting Facebook

D.  Receiving Service, and Newssheet as a PDF Attachment by Email:
1.   Either download to your own computer and use as above or just open and use as above.

E.   Receiving Service and Newssheet as a printed Document in Mailbox

·         Please consider offering via EFT – Direct Credit can be done anonymously and scheduled to occur automatically at whatever frequency you choose - weekly, monthly etc. See details of Church Bank Account below.
·         If going to the bank for own needs, please consider depositing cash offering directly into the church bank account.
·         By stewardship envelopes - set aside the money in them and bring to Church at the first service, we are open for.
·         A/C Name: Marsden Road Uniting Church
BSB: 634 634         A/C: 100049856

Holy Communion
The Assembly of the Uniting Church is looking into how we can do Holy Communion during not attending worship. In the meantime, we are not having Communion until we hear from them.

Information from Synod
As we navigate this new and challenging time, our Synod is seeking to address concerns as they arise. Government restrictions must be followed. Synod has put out a set of guidelines - to cover this.

Within the SCC Presbytery feel free to join any of these services:

Cherrybrook Uniting Church
Service 9:30am by video/audio conference using Zoom and then placed on Church Website:

North Ryde Community Church
We will be streaming our ’service’ 9.30am through Facebook 
Terrigal Uniting Church
Available on Sunday morning on our Facebook page 

Turramurra Uniting Church
Livestreaming our 9am and 6:30pm worship services through Facebook page

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